Fir Haus Buildings

Premium quality frames built with precision


Spacious outbuildings, perfect for car enthusiasts

Garden Rooms & Extensions

Enhance your lifestyle & add value to your home


Adorn your home with character & charm

Home Office/Leisure Buildings

Purpose-built habitable spaces for business or leisure

Why Choose from Fir Haus? Quality is at the heart of everything we do, from the timber we select right through to the design and manufacturing processes we adopt.

Attractive price point

As a dedicated supplier of douglas fir buildings we strive to be competitive


Fir Haus buildings offer customers added choice and flexibility


Enjoy endless design options with a painted frame

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Why We’re Different

If you ask us why we’re different to other companies on the market, then the answer is simple. There are no other businesses solely dedicated to the production of Douglas Fir frames.

It is this focus that enables us to confidently inform you of the benefits and advantages of using Douglas Fir and advise on the best specification for your building’s intended use.