About Us

Our Story

Fir Haus is modelled on the precision of German manufacturing, employing tried and tested methods to create high performance products that are built to last. Quality is at the heart of everything we do, from the timber we select right through to the design and manufacturing processes we adopt.

By blending modern manufacturing techniques with traditional quality craftsmanship, Fir Haus can take your design brief and craft it into something truly special. Our precise machining methods ensure your frame is supplied to your exact standards and is ready to erect by your assembly team without any risk of errors upon delivery.

We are proud to say our carpenters and machinists at Fir Haus have been producing timber frames for decades and therefore possess years of expertise, realising the dreams of many happy customers.

Elsewhere we have a team of dedicated sales consultants here to help answer any questions you may have about your Fir Haus frame or assist with general planning guidance.

Why We’re Different

If you ask us why we’re different to other companies on the market, then the answer is simple. There are no other businesses solely dedicated to the production of Douglas Fir frames.

It is this focus that enables us to confidently inform you of the benefits and advantages of using Douglas Fir and advise on the best specification for your building’s intended use.